Staff Directory

Van Nuys Showroom & Distribution Center


Richard LoGuercio – President / Owner
Chris Mackey - Vice President & General Manager
Wayne Tay- Branch Manager
Lisa Tinkham- Manager


Christopher Keesler- Director of Operations
Jorge Armenta- Dispatch Manager
Ricardo Siller- Director of Warehouse Operations
Jose Amaya- Associate Purchasing Manager
Richard Hernandez- Truck Fleet Manager
Eugenio Gonzalez- Production Supervisor
Sang Nguyen- Dispatcher
Edgar De Leon- Dispatcher
Carlos Orellana- Dispatcher
Mario Arjon- Dispatcher
Walter Iraheta- Dispatcher
Carlos Romero- Special Projects Director
Hector Rodriquez- Dishroom & Laundry Manager



Juan Flores- Inventory & Purchasing Manager
Karina Delgado- Inventory Assistant
Amani Nureldeen- Inventory Control
Kelly Rodriguez- Inventory Control Assistant

Human Resources:

David Searcy- Director of Human Resources
Robert Conroy- Payroll Manager
Ronald Reyes- HR Associate


Sandy Hasson- Accounting Manager
Barbara Metcalfe- A.P. Associate
Marianne Beron- A.R. Associate
Peter Maloy- Director of Finance


Munjal Thakkar- Special Projects Manager
John Crosetti- CAD & Graphic Design


Rocki Alvarez

Event Directors & Sales Assistants:

Adam Martin - Assistant: Amanda Payne
Angelina Archibeque - Assistant: Mayra Campos
Bryan Phelps - Assistant: Andrea Flores
Cheryl Evanoff  - Assistant Maureen Costella
Cristina Campos - Assistant: Andrew Nelson
Curtis Markley - Assistant: Ariel Hershman
George Bernhard - Assistant: Ariel Hershman
Gina Andrews - Assistant: Cheryl Hall
Joanna Bartling - Assistant: Gaby LoGuercio
John Ferdenzi - Assistant: Jessie Morton
Julio Villasenor - Assistant: Kacey Doherty
Kirk Pallotto - Assistant: Carol Goldman
Mark Anfangar - Assistant  Mayra Campos
Rob Kuehn - Assistant: Marina Rojas
Stacy Lee - Assistant: Cheryl Hall

Steve Rivas - Assistant: Bree Chenelia
Ted Galvan - Assistant: Lin Chen
Walter Borchert - Assistant: Corinna Aguirre

Brett Kornblatt - Event Consultant 
Clare Waddington - Event Consultant 
Erin Doherty - Assistant
Sarina Fowble - Assistant
Priscilla Perez - Production Assistant
Jessica Balfour - Production Assistant
Tom Henneman - Production Assistant


Pasadena Showroom:

Jorge Huizar- Event Director - Assistant: Camille Conroy
Cicely Jinesta- Event Director - Assistant:Jessie Simmons
Marilyn Bednar- Event Director- Assistant: Camille Conroy
Camille Conroy- Showroom Manager
Jessie Simmons- Sales Assistant
Julie Foster - Assistant

Santa Barbara Showroom:

Jack Smith - Branch Manager
Kristin Shrode- Showroom Manager
Nikki Keller- Event Director- Assistant: Tatelyn Corral
Chloe Prousalis- Event Director- Assistant: Taylor Gilton