Huntington Hospital Advocate

Huntington Hospital Advocate

Huntington Memorial Hospital Advocate Fall 2009

Maureen and Richard F. LoGuercio: Festive Philanthropy at Work

It's hard to imagine a more appropriate combination of skills and experience for SCRUBS Committee members than those of Maureen and Richard F. LoGuercio. Maureen previously worked as a surgical nurse at Huntington Memorial Hospital, while Richard has founded and operated three party rental companies over the course of his career - one of which grew to be the largest in the United States. His latest venture, Town & Country Event Rentals, has been responsible for numerous movie premiere's, Academy Awards parties and other notable events over the approximately four years since its founding.

Today, the couple are putting their love of Huntington Hospital and their extensive special-event experience to good use - helping to create spectacular SCRUBS fundraising events and providing valuable i to the annual Fall Food & Wine Festival, in support of the hospital.

Richard, who has thrown parties for the likes of HBO and Elton John, characterizes the SCRUBS events - which are currently focused on raising awareness and support for expansion of the hospital's Emergency & Trauma Center - "as legendary!"

MOVEMENT THAT COUNTS. Building on their ground-floor involvement in the creation of the SCRUBS support group, the LoGuercios recently also provided philanthropic support toward expansion of the hospital's Emergency & Trauma Center. "We're just as concerned as everyone else in the area that our community have top-notch emergency care available," says Maureen.

"We're acutely aware of the closure of other trauma services in the area, the long wait times at Huntington Hospital's emergency department, and the lack of high-quality care alternatives within a reasonable distance," Maureen adds. "Every contribution counts."

The hospital's Emergency & Trauma Center is currently providing care through approximately 60,000 patient visits annually, though it was built to accommodate only half that number.

GOOD PEOPLE, GOOD CAUSE. While Maureen served as a surgical nurse at Huntington Hospital for six years (she followed in the footstep of her mother, Pat Conroy, who was also a nurse here), her involvement first began as a candystriper, serving in the hospital's emergency department.

Richard, too, became involved with the hospital as a volunteer. When he retired - temporarily - a few years ago, he became "Mr. Handyman for several year," he laughs, "and I volunteered for a bunch of things at the hospita.l"

"I really like the hospital," he adds. "I like the people. They give their all. It's a community of good, kind professionals. When you get involved there, it makes you feel good that you're doing good for good people."

MEETING A GROWING NEED. The LoGuercios are both San Gabriel Valley natives. Both their daughters, Gaby and Mariel, were born at Huntington Hospital. When Gaby required emergency care at the hospital, "she was clearly in pain," says Maureen. "The staff there calmed here down. They had such great patience and I remember them going above and beyond to make her feel comfortable."

The Emergency & Trauma Center was, however, extremely crowded on the night of the LoGuercio's visit. "When I volunteered here as a teenager, the emergency department was quite small," says Maureen. "Then it grew...but the needs of the community have now grown much further, and the hospital really needs a bigger space," she adds. "The doctors and nurses there do amazing work, and put in crazy hours under stressful circumstances. It's better for them - and for the whole community - if they have the facilities and equipment they need."

"And once expansion of the Emergency & Trauma Center is complete," adds Richard, "it will feel really good to know we had a part in it."

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